Welcome to Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd - Engineering Steel Stockist

Comprehensive Range of Semi-finished Engineering Plastics

Welcome to Impact Engineering Plastics

Ireland’s leading distributor of semi finished engineering plastics. Our engineering plastics are available in rod, sheet and tube forms. They are manufactured using a variety of production processes including extrusion, casting, compression moulding and sintering.

Stock Shapes-Materials

Our stock shapes can be broadly classified into three main product categories that include Engineering Plastic Range, High Performance Plastic range and Standards.

A wide range of other plastics available on request.

Semi-finished products can be further processed to meet individual requirements and all materials are supplied stress-relieved. Depending on your finished component, materials and tolerances required, we can offer a comprehensive choice of finishing techniques. We can offer forward stocking against customer call-off schedules for any materials where required. Services include Cutting, Grinding, Planing, Drilling and Boring.

Impact Engineering Plastics

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