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Quality Assurance

At Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. we are passionate about providing superior quality products on time, all of the time. The only technical specification and delivery time that matters to us is yours.

Others may talk about quality management systems and service excellence but with us it's not only our passion, it's our policy. That's why we applied for, were awarded and have consistently maintained the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

This standard is applicable to the Quality Management System of our;

  • Procurement
  • Stockholding
  • In-House Cutting and Boring

The entire team at Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. are charged with upholding our commitment to a superior Quality Management System. Every member of the team is familiar with the company's Quality Manual, which that has been established and adopted as the means for achieving the standard.

Our core strength is a motivated and committed team. Everybody at Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd. is dedicated to providing superior quality products and services to our many customers. We are committed to ensuring our team is the most highly trained and effective in the industry. Every team member’s training and development needs are met through an individualised programme tailored to their needs.

We constantly review the suitability and effectiveness of our Quality Management System to ensure that it is in keeping with the expectations of our customers, the realities of a dynamic marketplace and the size and nature of our company.

For more information on our Quality Management System please contact our Quality Manager Noel Horan or you can download our ISO accreditation certificate here.

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