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Comprehensive Range of Semi-finished Engineering Plastics


Semi-finished products can be further processed to meet individual requirements and all materials are supplied stress-relieved. Depending on your finished component, materials and tolerances required, we can offer a comprehensive choice of finishing techniques.We can offer forward stocking against customer call-off schedules for any materials where required.

Our global capacity enables us to source and supply difficult material grades.


Billets and blocks are cut at right angles and exactly to size by numerically-controlled machines. Quantities are supplied from one-off single pieces to many thousands. Rods and tubes up to 800mm diameter can be billeted to standard or customer-specific tolerances. We produce cut pieces from full size sheets ranging in thickness from 1mm to 200mm.

We also provide a polycarbonate cutting service from a wide rage of stock thicknesses.


Centreless Grinding - Both rod and tube can be supplied in ground format to close tolerances, eg.,

  • within .05mm/.002'' for outside diameters up to 25mm/1''
  • .13mm/.005'' for outside diameters up to 50mm/2'' diameter
  • .25mm/.010'' for diameters over 2''

Our standard ground bar stock sizes range from 3mm-75mm diameter. However, we can also supply custom ground sizes from less than 1mm diameter to 100mm upon request.


Parallel planing is performed on two sides; angular planing on four sides. Using these techniques, close tolerances and good surface finishes are possible - even with fibre reinforced plastics.

Drilling and Boring

We can get you one step closer to the finished component with our in-house drilling and boring facility.

Impact Engineering Plastics

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